How does it work?

SAFE2GO works by recording and storing the personal contact information of your customers and clients to help effectively implement contact tracing.

All data is deleted after 21 days and is only ever passed on to NHS contact tracing experts in the event of a breakout or cluster cases.

All data is stored in an online cloud-based data storage system that cannot be accessed by any member of staff on-site. None of the collected data is used for marketing purposes.

“Subscribing to SAFE2GO is quick and easy.”

All you have to do is sign-up by choosing a plan and enter your venue details, and you can start using SAFE2GO’s web-app straight away.

Click here to sign-up and use SAFE2GO today.

Using your QR code

QR codes can be used on a range of smartphones, tablets and devices.

If you’re unsure if your device is able to, once you’ve logged in, you can access your QR code by visiting:

  • My subscriptions
  • Click on my venues
  • To the right of your venue name, you will see 5 icons
  • Click on the third icon down which displays your business’ unique QR code
  • Either print out the QR code or display it on a device screen for scanning as customers check-in when they enter your venue

For those without an iPhone or QR scanner they can check in via your custom URL, which will be displayed alongside your QR code.

Checking-in and Checking-out

Once a customer has scanned the QR code, they will be prompted to enter their contact details and press the ‘check-in’ button to check-in to your venue.

At the end of their visit, customers will ‘check-out’ by pressing the check-out button, which can be found at the bottom of the check-in screen.

If a customer forgets to check-out at the end of their visit, then they are automatically checked-out at the end of that day.

NHS Contact Tracers

In line with governmental procedures, SAFE2GO works with NHS contact tracers to ensure any potential outbreaks or clusters are treated quickly and securely.

Here is what to do if a case arises:

  • NHS Contact Tracers will contact your venue to request contact info if a suspected case, breakout or cluster is found
  • You will then be required to login to SAFE2GO and select the ‘report’ button for the relevant venue
  • You will then be asked to select the date and time frame requested in which the case arose, and enter the email address that has been provided by the tracers
  • Once you have pressed to ‘report’, you will then receive a message confirming that request has been sent
  • SAFE2GO will then be alerted that a report request has been made, and we will verify the validity of the email and pass on the report of contact info in an encrypted email to NHS Contact Tracers
  • Your venue will then receive a confirmation email that the process has been completed