Getting started with Safe2Go

Getting started with Safe2Go couldn't be easier. In just three simple steps, you can start providing our simple contact tracing service to your customers:

  1. Login or Sign-up online to access your account.
  2. Add your business or venue details and subscribe.
  3. Print/display and distribute your QR code to your customers.
“Once you have your account set up, you can immediately begin using SAFE2GO.”

When your QR code is shown to customers, they can scan the QR on their devices, and check-in to your venue by providing their contact details.

When they leave, they can also check-out by pressing the ‘check-out’ button on the same page they checked-in on. If they forget to do so, SAFE2Go will automatically check them out 24 hours after their check-in time.

Find out more about how SAFE2GO works

Have a question? Have a look at our FAQ page to find out more about SAFE2GO and contact tracing.